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Re: Repeater/tone changes when preamp changes

Huh, that is weird.  I use the 2120 as a preamp as well, and have not
had that experience.  Jon's got a couple as well, and I have not heard
anything out of him since he bought his Repeater.  Could it possibily be
that the Repeater is getting a midi message to open it's FX loop or
something else when you change patches?

Mark Sottilaro

AALev123@aol.com wrote:

> I am experiencing  a change in the tone of a looped passage when I
> change the patch of my preamp. For example, I lay down a 4 bar clean
> chorus part and it loops back fine. However, I change the preset on my
> preamp to a distorted patch the clean looped passage keeps playing but
> the tonal characteristics completely change. My preamp(digitech 2120)
> is before the repeater in the signal chain. I am using a DMC GCX
> switcher and ground control. The repeater is in loop 8 all by itself.
> Shouldn't the new stuff just get mixed in with the old already looping
> part? Why would changing patches on my preamp have any affect on the
> tone of the already recorded looping part. P.S. Digital Music Corp
> said it is not the GCX. Thanks