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Re: rebirth and reason?

woops, I meant competition.

jim palmer wrote:

> >... nothing from Microsoft comes close.
> >
> > I always wonder why people all agree that Microsoft is evil, yet will
> > continually cut down any of it's compatation.
> ...
> here we go again.
> i don't think microsoft is evil.
> i think you have to be a programmer to really get the giant leaps they
> are responsible for...
> sure, apple was the first to make the gui thing work for home users.
> i worked for apple in carrolton when they did just that.
> (in fact, it was my idea!  i said, "i know you need me on the
> assembly line, but xerox is really on to something...")
> >... compatation...
> innuvvazion!
> alright, don't flame me, i'm shutting up now...