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GIG SPAM - "You Are Hear" in Newport Beach

Title: GIG SPAM - "You Are Hear" in Newport Beach
"You Are Hear: Music Machines at the Museum"
Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach
October 6-28


Part of the Eclectic Orange Festival, this museum exhibition features three installations by the sound artist Trimpin.

"Conloninpurple" is dedicated to the work of composer Conlon Nancarrow, noted for his compositions for specialized player pianos. The installation consists of several hanging columns of specifically tuned wooden and metal bars. Each column has six alternating tone ranges, divided into octave groups, and an electromagnetic mallet system that initiates sound. When completely assembled, the instrument is capable of playing any musical composition when translated from a score into MIDI format. Viewers may "play" with the instrument through manipulation of a two-wheel electronic console, or trigger it to play pre-composed musical sequences stored on disk.

"Krautkontrol" is made from 12 electric guitars of different colors, shapes and sizes arranged into four groups. Each group of guitars shares a unique tuning, which can be controlled remotely.

"Klavier Nonette" uses nine MIDI-controlled toy pianos, arranged around the perimeter of the gallery. The computer control system is configured as a juke box with a selection of short pieces by 16 different composers. Listeners drop a quarter the slot and select the piece to be played. Among the composers featured are John Cage, Conlon Nancarrow, James Tenney, George Lewis, and myself.


Richard Zvonar, PhD      
(818) 788-2202