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Re: OT: drum machine / groovebox RM1X


My sequencer of looping live choice is the Yamihay RM1x

great sequencer. all works in patterns, you switch between them with fS
or with the 16 dedicated buttons or by syx
you can mute tracks on the fly, tweak filters, shift the position of
tracks regarding the beat etc...

the sounds are ok but only LR out. the sequencer is top for on the spot
remixes, live tweaking

I use it as a sync master or slave to my stereo Plexi pair. syncs
wonderfully both way.
the pattern mode alows me to program my fx automations as loops (EDP

I have it since 2 years and will not sell it (probably will buy a
sampler for replacing some of the sounds)
the included music are musical snippets that loop. those phrases are fun
to have for instant gratification when startin the dm machine synced to
the loop you just created. but I always end working on them in cubase or
doing new ones from scratch when I freese a song

I bought it with looping, improvising and filter/fx sequencing in mind
and am very creative and productive with it.

It will work 100% with the upcomming new EDP soft. wich BTW goes further
than anything dreamed when speaking looper/sequencer