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OT: matrix-1000

At 08:36 p.m. 01/10/01 +0000, you wrote:

thnkas for the replies
on this off topic 'drum machine' 
matter. it seems like the rmx1 
is a good choice if you need
a good sequencer with not too bad
sounds. although prices have increased 
a lot during these last months ....

argg.. sorry again, but i
have another 'not too much
related to looping' asking to do.

i remember that somebody
among us was using a 
was it kim ?

can anybody direct me to some
site where i could find a dedicated
editor for this box, if it exists ?
if not, what sw are you using
to program the matrix ?
help ... 

it's a rackmounted analog synth
and its sound quality is far superior
to all the digital stuff i own ... 
the guys who designed this instrument
did a great job. the only problem is
that you cannot program
the patches without the PC.   

thanx in advance ! 

p.s. hei .. i forgot it ! the matrix is an oberheim !!
so at least i've could find a nexus to the list.

p.s.2. free music and sound samples
in the site below. 

El Cau De La Figa Reial