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SV: Oberheim Matrix-1000

> Från: Raul Bonell [mailto:rauboto@dragonet.es]

> can anybody direct me to some
> site where i could find a dedicated
> editor for this box, if it exists ?

I'm using a software editor ("environment") in Emagic Logic to progam my
Matrix-1000. You should be able to download it from
http://www.swiftkick.com - or I could mail it directly to you. If you're a
Logic user, that is.

> the guys who designed this instrument
> did a great job. the only problem is
> that you cannot program
> the patches without the PC.

oops... did I get it right that you are looking for a hardware based editor
for the Matrix-1000? That's a tough one... sorry, don't know any :(

Best wishes

Per Boysen
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