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Re: Seasound Company still viable?

  PaulPokr@aol.com said...

 > The prices of the Seasound gear has appeared to have dropped
 > considerably. A local dealer in Pittsburgh quoted me a $289 price for the
 > Solo Ex and $189 for the Soloist. I also heard the prices have dropped at
 > some Internet dealers.
 > So, what's the deal? Are they going belly up in this economy? Or are they
 > being clobbered by all the competition out there?

>From www.seasound.com:

"6/29/01  Unfortunately SeaSound is no longer in business.  This page is
hosted as a courtesy to current owners of SeaSound products and those
considering using these great sounding, albeit defunct, interfaces.  

SeaSound phone lines, mailing address and email address are now
non-functional.  Updates to Tech support FAQ and links to future user forum
will be posted in the future here."

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