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Re: Here we go... EDP vs. Repeater

> Can someone tell me the basic differences between the two?

Repeater: Acid (the software) in a hardware setup.  Brand new, still 
out some issues and improvements.  Promising addition for loopers.
EDP: Ultimate delay unit on steroids.  Battle tested and proven successful

Anything beyond that requires numerous paragraphs, user testing for your 
specific uses as they're different beasts, or perhaps a lengthy read 
the detailed archives of this DL ....  Also, trying to answer much beyond
that really would be like discussing politics or religion.  Everybody has
their own definition of a given feature and its subjective superiority.

I own 'em both and can recommend 'em both.

> and the [EDP] footpedal self-destructing.

What?  I had no idea this was an issue.  I've never had problems.  Plus, 
foot-pedal was designed to be easily replaceable and customizable with
minimal soldering experience.  Then again, you don't have to have the
foot-pedal companion -- you could always use a number of 3rd party midi
pedals, which is the same thing you'll have to do with the Repeater.

Good luck.