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Re: Question on EDP: Non volatile memory?

i was curious on this one too...

are you saying that 20 year old women and 30 year old women have 
completely different vibes and uses?


is this supposed to symbolize the 10 year span between the release of 
the edp and the repeater?  that the newer, younger version has some 
sort of different use or vibe to it?  what are you supposed to do 
with the old one?  keep it around for posterity and fond memories 
while you rock on with the new?

is this about gear or women?

will my wife understand this?

how old are YOU?


>  > NO NO its the difference between a 20 and 30 year woman were talkin 
>>  not the same use, nor the same vibe.
>what do you mean by "use" for a 20 year old woman?
><insert silly grin emoticon if you like>