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Re: Question on EDP: Non volatile memory?

Mark Sottilaro wrote:
> Yeah, you're right, the EDP hardware should never change, it should stay
> exactly like it is forever.... Hah ha ha hah ha ha ha!  You fools!  Soon
> a new generation of loopage will appear aided by a machine called The
> Repeater.  It will transcend your tiny ideas of what a looper should
> be.  Ha ha hahh ahhah aha ha, we will rule the world!  YOU FOOLS!

If gibson just understood what they have in hand and put some money in
the EDP2
the repeater would'nt even exist as all the cool functions would have
been already there

> I dare anyone to find a piece of software for a Wintel or Mac OS box
> that will do what the Repeater does in REAL TIME (as in suitable for a
> performance) (software that needs additional hardware cards to run need
> not apply)
> Granted, the EDP is a very mature product, however it's really been
> without any real competition for a very long time.   Me thinks that has
> changed.  If anyone here really believes that these two products aren't
> in direct competition with each other, you're asleep.

NO NO its the difference between a 20 and 30 year woman were talkin here 
not the same use, nor the same vibe.
next soft will target the 40 year woman experience
I will stay there for some more 10 years of my own...

>There are those
> among us that can and will buy one of each flavor,
I will 

>but I believe the
> vast majority of non professional musicians will be forced to make a
> choice, as I was.

Ah "non professional" ....

> The two big features that pushed me over to the
> Repeater side were non volatile memory (not to mention significantly
> higher memory capability)

for sure is better at 20

>and stereo loop capability.  

I only play stereo but no steroids

>I'm VERY glad I held out.

One must live with its choices..

I'm a Live player..


hey I almost forgot