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Re: Question on EDP: Non volatile memory?

Claude Voit wrote:

> >but I believe the
> > vast majority of non professional musicians will be forced to make a
> > choice, as I was.
> Ah "non professional" ....

I probably should have said, "...vast majority of musicians..." as most 
are non
professional judging by the loop for money thread, and being a pro 
musician doesn't mean
you can afford a lot of gear.  Most that I know can't.  Things are getting 
awful tight
around these parts, I don't know how the rest of you are doing cash wise.  
Last week they
did big layoff here, and lots of very smart people I know are looking for 
work, or taking
jobs below their skill level.  I've been lucky so far, but my wife has 
not.  She went from
designer for Manix (the interactive media branch of the company that did 
the effects for
The Matrix) to an office errand girl.  Have any of us been hit by what's 
going on?  Maybe
ground zero of the silicon rush (San Francisco) is a bad place to be right 
now for people
that work in the field of Digital Media.  How's the rest of the country