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Here we go... EDP vs. Repeater

I've worked with the EDP on many occasions, I'm familiar with how it works
and how to use it live. My live performances are usually just me with a
small drumset, a couple guitars, bass, keyboards etc...+ an EDP and mixer. 
like the way the echoplex works in this situation but Its still a little 
complex for me to be as spontaneous as I want to be, plus issues with the
mono thing and the footpedal self-destructing. I just don't feel 
with it. I would like to get a Reapeter after reading up on it, but I dont
have a clue how it would compare or how well it would fit in with the way I
like to perform. Can someone tell me the basic differences between the two?
I don't want to start a big argument on which is 'better', but it may be