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not quite OT at this point: Question on EDP: Non volatile memory?

>i luv the smell of sexist rhetoric in the morning.
>would someone please getahold...

i think that it can be summed up much better by one who speaks english as a
first language (i mean, claude _does_ have a .ch on the end of his email
address). let me reiterate for him. and since i _am_ male, this is coming 
from a
male perspective. i can't vouch for the opposite sex.

A relationship (for me) with a 30 year old woman will be (almost as a 
rule) much
smoother than a relationship with a 20 year old woman.

However, there are 2 issues here:

a) i don't usually think of having a "relationship" with the tools, the
relationship is between the audience, the music, and i. the tools are 

b) i'm reminded of the .mp3 i found on Napster labelled simply "Klaus
Schulze/Robert Fripp - The Looper Is Not A Hooker".

but, i do see where he is coming from. his comments are totally acceptable 
me, and if you want to read something offensive go on over to AH and read 
Old Krabby Karlheinz Stockhausen Himself had to say about the World Trade 

Eric Williamson