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Re: Kim on EDP

>  >Ok, it's possible, :- stop noodling; push on pedal; hit Insert.
>  that's right. although I don't see why you have to stop noodling. :-)  
>  whole idea is that you could do this while you continue to play.
The original idea was to create a loop with a number of repeats using 
Multiply meanwhile noodling), then go straight into Insert and be 
As Noodling is a strictly non-loop related practise it must be stopped 
Insert can be used.
>  >I haven't found a use for Quantise yet, as I don't use a dum machine.
>  >................I mean drum machine
>  Quantize has nothing to do with drum machines! It is just a question of 
>  you approach rhythm in manipulating loops. 
Well I find it pretty much imposible to Insert with Quantise=on if the 
is a couple of seconds or over, that sort of metronomic precision isn't 
of my abilities, (particularly not in a live setting) The ends just don't 
quite match up. With a drum machine this would be easy, and using Quantize 
would be essential.
After struggling to record multiple loops on the JamMan without the 'added 
assistance' of the drum machine , the EDP is a total relief.(it's just 
possible on the JM, but the error compounds with each new loop)
Oh yes, and Quantised Reverse is cool, especially on one of a pair of 

>. Usually people who use loops in more 
>  structured rhythmic music like this mode.
Unless the structure is too complex for Quantise.  
>  unquantized is probably for you. The cycle boundaries don't really 
>  anymore and you freely execute things where you feel it. This usually 
>  appeals to more ambient styles, and soloists.
I like the freedom to Multiply without Quantise as I often start a phrase 
before the beginning of the bar,(or a note before the beat), then Multiply 
still "quantised" in terms of the Cycle length.

>  >Isn't the feedback setup different in Delay Mode too?
>  no, the feedback is exactly the same in both cases.
Don't know where I got that from?!?!

>  >Can I pester Matthias for a MIDI controlled input mute to conpensate?
>  you can try, but it will be your fault that the LoopIV software takes 
>  longer to finish. :-)
It wasn't me, it was Claude ;-)
andy butler