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SV: Kim on EDP (DelayMode mod!) also starving musicians

> Från: Gary Lehmann [mailto:healthquestrecruiter@earthlink.net]

> As technology makes it easier for one person or several
> people to create a large and interesting sound, more amateurs
> make it easier
> for the people who hire musicians to use amateurs.  I am speaking of show
> business, of course.  Bottom line is, don't quit your day job (can anyone
> tell me where that expression came from--first citation etc.)
> Back to work!
> Gary

You're right that musicians don't get rich. But to become a really good
musician you may have to put a lot of time into it - something that is
almost impossible with a daytime job on the side. Quite often good pro
musicians get hired on better deals than amateurs.

I may be wrong about the US though, since I live in Sweden and have only
toured Germany, South East Asia and Sweden.

Just another perspective ;D

Per Boysen