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Re: Kim on EDP (DelayMode mod!) also starving musicians

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From: "Gary Lehmann" <healthquestrecruiter@earthlink.net>
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Sent: 03 October 2001 17:00 PM
Subject: RE: Kim on EDP (DelayMode mod!) also starving musicians

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> Then Andy came up with a simpler idea that I will implement if nobody
> rejects it totally:
> In DelayMode, during Multiply, we will consider the state of Overdub,
> which means that if Overdub is on (was activated (Hold) before the
> Multiply started), the input continues off and FeedBack at maximum
> during the whole Multiply (including rounding).
> I find it consistent and that way everone has a simple way to do a
> silent Multiply. How is that?
> -----> http://Matthias.Grob.org
> This gets my vote--I look forward to the upgrade.
> As far as pro/amateur--this is what I see.
> The ones who have to pay their bills by making art are in competition 
> the ones who do it for fun. The people who hire any of them don't care
> ones need the money, so they hire the ones who charge the lowest price.
> the musician using modern technology has to spend more money than the
> acoustic or traditional one (assuming they don't buy an expensive
> instrument) but has trouble making the extra money back from employment.
> The amateur is already paying his bills from his "day job", and so money
> less of an issue.  As technology makes it easier for one person or 
> people to create a large and interesting sound, more amateurs make it
> for the people who hire musicians to use amateurs.  I am speaking of show
> business, of course.  Bottom line is, don't quit your day job (can anyone
> tell me where that expression came from--first citation etc.)
> Back to work!

I think it came from the music biz... :|  Do you have return-receipt on by