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Re: Ping: 2 Amps in a Guitar Looping Setup?

If you're looking for a looper as well, the Repeater has a whopping 4 
outputs.  As you're amps are mono in, you could use two of the outputs 
going to each amp.  This would leave the other outputs to be used a 
stereo effect loop.  The Repeater has four tracks which can be panned to 
either output.  This would let you have your guitar signal go to either 
or both amps.  The one drawback is that the initial signal would go to 
both.  Still a pretty versatile setup.

Mark Sottilaro

On Wednesday, October 3, 2001, at 05:05 PM, Doug Cox wrote:

> Posted this once, but the only feedback I got was in direct conflict 
> with
> the question...
> I know that there's a few of you out there who'll have some info to 
> share on
> this.  Even if you think I'm making a mistake by trying to go this 
> route -
> please let me know?
> Anyone?
> =======
> I have 2 amps that I love dearly - a Roland JC120 and a Rivera 
> Knucklehead.
> I'd like to take advantage of both of them in my setup, as I've already
> experienced the frustration of too many tones into a single guitar amp 
> (ie,
> ick.).  I know that by separating various components of my looping, 
> I'll be
> able to build a much larger tone palette in a single looping "event".  
> This
> question really drives at 2 issues - 1) I'm looking for the right 2nd 
> loop
> or delay tool that fits my needs and 2) I'm looking for ideas on how to 
> best
> take advantage of 2 amps in my looping guitar setup.
> Today, I'm setup as:
> Guitar -> Dynacomp -> FM4 Filter Modeler -> Rivera Amp -> Rivera Effects
> Loop Out -> Digitech RP7 -> Small Clone -> EDP -> Rivera Effects Loop 
> Return
> Occasionally other stuff sprinkled in there, but you get the picture I 
> hope!
> I'm thinking that if I add another looper/delay in the effects loop, 
> with
> some sort of A/B box for bypassing, I'd be able to decide what signal 
> goes
> to what amp.  For instance:
> Guitar -> Dynacomp -> FM4 Filter Modeler -> Rivera Amp -> Rivera Effects
> Loop Out -> Digitech RP7 -> Small Clone -> A/B Box
> A/B Box (A) -> EDP -> Rivera Effects Loop Return
> A/B Box (B) -> DL4? -> Roland JC120 (slave)
> Will this work?  Anybody tried something like this?  Specific to the 
> DL4 and
> the recent thread on it being in the effects loop... is that a problem?
> I'd like to do this without buying a mixer and dealing with pre/post 
> fader
> auxes, etc, as some of you do.  If nothing else, I figure an A/B Box is 
> cheaper than even a basic mixer with the features I'd need.
> Any help greatly appreciated!