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Speaking of loop libraries and Acid...

I save off improvisations and select segments I enjoy,
sometimes I play with the loop but like to get the
live performance as it humanizes the composition which
Acid sometimes takes away.

Now, speaking of Acid, anyone interested in setting up
some kind of Acid respository, maybe even a Loopers
Delight does Acid kind of thing?

I have 20 of the libraries, they're useful in limited
dosage but the fun of Acid for me at least is saving
improv on guitar, synths, bass, percussion and
hardware loops has helped me develop a compositional
style that I would never have dreamed of five years

BTW, want to hear a very cool guitarist that works
with Acid, hardware loopers and mostly guitar? Check
out David Cooper Orton,

We're friends because I respect his music and struck
up a conversation with him. I really enjoy his music
and sense of space that a player like I could learn
from. :)


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