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Matthias/Kim (or..What's the velocity, Kenneth?)

I'm using a midi merger to send both midi clock from
my EDP & midi notes from a Roland GI-10 Guitar/Midi
Converter to an Oberheim Drummer. The effect I'm
looking for is to have the Drummer synced to the
EDP (no problem here) & to have the note velocity
info from the GI-10 control the Drummer's volume.

If I turn off the sync between the EDP & Drummer,
I have no problem getting the Drummer's volume to
respond to my playing dynamics. If I turn sync on,
the velocity reponse is no longer there.

Is it possible that, when sync is on, the EDP is
sending a midi velocity messege that overrides those
coming from the GI-10?

Many thanks,


John Tidwell

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