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Re: Matthias/Kim (or..What's the velocity, Kenneth?)

If you want to be certain that nothing from the EDP is affecting the OB 
drummer, simply put them on different midi channels. Then the OB should 
ignore any messages from the EDP. Clock is global, so it doesn't matter if 
two things are on different channels, they still get clock.


At 10:23 PM 10/3/2001, John Tidwell wrote:
>I'm using a midi merger to send both midi clock from
>my EDP & midi notes from a Roland GI-10 Guitar/Midi
>Converter to an Oberheim Drummer. The effect I'm
>looking for is to have the Drummer synced to the
>EDP (no problem here) & to have the note velocity
>info from the GI-10 control the Drummer's volume.
>If I turn off the sync between the EDP & Drummer,
>I have no problem getting the Drummer's volume to
>respond to my playing dynamics. If I turn sync on,
>the velocity reponse is no longer there.
>Is it possible that, when sync is on, the EDP is
>sending a midi velocity messege that overrides those
>coming from the GI-10?
>Many thanks,
>John Tidwell
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