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Re: Anyone have experience with the TASCAM USB-428?


   I use one with my laptop computer.  I have not really mastered the 
   Pretty much only used it to capture my improvised loopy ramblings, 
analog input.
   Haven't even done any multi-track stuff, but I like it allot.

   Hmm, I guess that this review isn't very informative, is it?


PaulPokr@aol.com wrote:

> I'm in the market for a new DAW interface (PC-based) for use with 
>Cubase. I was toying with the USB device TASCAM has on the market to get 
>the control surface aspect as well as getting analog and digital i/o into 
>my workstation.
> I've heard negative rumors re: using USB for audio hence my reluctance 
>in popping for the USB-428. I've checked the Tascam and the Steinberg 
>boards and saw the usual hardware platform-related and other problem 
>situations. My PC rig should work fine with the unit, btw.
> I did see some, to me, high latency levels mentioned (e.g. 31 ms) though.
> Any comments on this device? I DO like the girl using the 428 in the 
>Tascam advertisements (although she looks a tad P.O.'ed at something. 
>Hope it's not the USB 428).
> Regards, Paul