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Re: Anyone have experience with the TASCAM USB-428?

Hi Paul:

We have been using the Tascam 428 with a Macintonsh first generation 
Imac for about six months now.  We've heard all the discussions about 
pros and cons of USB, etc, and we been recording with computers for the 
past five years, and this thing sounds better then anything we've tried 
so far.  There are limitations.  It's essentially a high sampling 
(48khz/24bit) digital version of the Tascam portastudios, but if you can 
live with the input limitations it's wonderful for the money.  Also 
there can be latency issues depending on your computer (processor, hard 
drive speed, ram, etc).  That said, we are using the first generation 
(233 mhz) Imac with an IBM deskstar 72000 rpm/30 gig drive, and we are 
more then happy with what we can do, and how good the 428 sounds running 
Digital Performer 2.7.

Just to give you a comparison, a cd played through the imac and run 
through the Tascam board, sounds significantly better then a cd played 
through our 24 bit/ 96 khz DVD player.  We were surprised at this, but 
we later found out that the Tascam actually has 24/bit/96 khz filter 
installed, but the limitation of USB bandwidth and 4 track input puts 
the Tascam ceiling at 48khz.

If you can spend more, look closely at the units in the $700 range, 
especially those employing firewire.  In theory firewire devices should 
have less latency and more bandwidth, but also realize that there are 
other issues with power supplies, circuitry design, input, etc. that 
ultimately affect the usability and "sound" of a input/converter device.

As we said, for the money, the Tascam 428 is awfully good.  And you do 
have real sliders to push around whatever is going on up there on your 
computer screen.  Also there has been very good customer support by way 
of the Tascam bulletin board for the 428.


PS: we don't know the girl in the picture.  Maybe she's irked because 
she's on a Wintel machine.  ;)

On Thursday, October 4, 2001, at 08:29 AM, PaulPokr@aol.com wrote:

> I'm in the market for a new DAW interface (PC-based) for use with 
> Cubase. I was toying with the USB device TASCAM has on the market to 
> get the control surface aspect as well as getting analog and digital 
> i/o into my workstation.
> I've heard negative rumors re: using USB for audio hence my reluctance 
> in popping for the USB-428. I've checked the Tascam and the Steinberg 
> boards and saw the usual hardware platform-related and other problem 
> situations. My PC rig should work fine with the unit, btw.
> I did see some, to me, high latency levels mentioned (e.g. 31 ms) 
> though.
> Any comments on this device? I DO like the girl using the 428 in the 
> Tascam advertisements (although she looks a tad P.O.'ed at something. 
> Hope it's not the USB 428).
> Regards, Paul