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Re: Loops for Acid

Hey, I know I've done it now. I have waited to see the reaction to my 
before I made comment (I've seen this sort of thing escalate in the past), 
so for the last and FINAL time, I will not do the trade).
This is a very sensitive issue, one that has me in a very difficult 

I have been getting Loops for ACID since ACID 1.0a (I was one of the first 
to get this back in the day), and frankly it was before Sonic Foundry had 
the internet set up it had today, whereas you could sample (download) 
to get a feel of what they were like.
Several of my loop purchases were from the local Guitar Center, and they 
not even have a PC set up where you could review the loops, so on several 
occasions, I purchased Loops, that when I got them home, and to my 
they were not what I needed, and the $30 or $40 bucks I shelled out was a 
lost. (Guitar Center is not like MicroCenter, they will not take back open 
software, and they consider Loops For Acid, software).
So I have quite a few of those Loops, that have been sitting around for 
past couple of years, doing nothing.
So, one of the Loopers, wanted to trade for some of my Loops, I jumped to 
the chance, just in the slim chance, that I could recoup my losses, if not 
just to get some loops that I could use.
This was NOT going to be a cash transaction, but barter instead !

I get the impression, that some of the Loop Producers who are in our 
fear that I was going to undermine the very structure of our economy with 
this transaction. Trust me, there are things happening in the world, far 
more insidious, than my trading a couple of "old" Loop CD's.
What about the WAREZ groups, who are offering the newest version of ACID 
free ?

There are more folks with cracked versions of ACID, than folks who 
bought it. Nobody is beating the drum for that ! I bought all my versions 
ACID, and that does get me UPSET !
And what about some sites offering ACID loops for download !?!
I have seen Torn and some other producers loops out there for download on 
couple of occasions, how come no one is shutting those sites down ?

I know I was targeted,because I was in direct site, but I am not the one 
be jumping on... by far.

Mr. Torn and Mr. Cavallo have expressed their opinion in this matter, and 
respect their opposition in this issue. Whether or not they would had lost 
any revenue over my trade... hummmm I doubt it. I don't think their loops 
were in my "trade bin".

Lucien E. Darthard
A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline Placed On It.


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so what does it mean?! that I'm spending my life as a sound producer for
Sonic Foundry just for free? :)
wake up man. "royalty free" means that you can use the "Loops for Acid"
material in your own compositions whithout any copyright hassle, NOT that
you can freely copy and trade the CDs around the world... that's illegal.


At 00.08 04/10/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Oh my, these are royality free loop libraries, they are not sample cd's.
>Lucien E. Darthard
>A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline Placed On It.
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>Subject: Re: Loops for Acid
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>trading or copying commercial sample CDs is not legal...
>If you have to, please do it off the list...
>and if you need quality samples look on the Internet... there's so much
>great stuff available for free, without fucking up any copyright law.
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