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Re: Loopers Delight T Shirts!

It should be pointed out that since Sept 11 mail from the US at least as 
as the UK is concerned is awfully slow.  My parents sent a pair of shoes to
me on Sept 10th.  Even with the obvious delay regarding air travel it took
until yesterday to get here!

I would think that a t-shirt would take up less space, but I just thought
I'd let yez know in advance, so that Os doesn't get nailed with tons of
"Where's my @#$ t-shirt?" messages and such.

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> > If you look at http://www.usps.gov they have postage calculators for
> > international shipping from the US. you will see that regular airmail
> > varies from being only slightly cheaper than global priority to much
> > depending on weight and destination. In the best case you don't save
> > much, and you can pay much more in the worst case. Jason has been kind
> > enough to donate his time to do this project, please let's not make him
> > work twice as hard just so you can save $1 on shipping costs!
> hey, no worries!
> I had it in my head that airmail would be much cheaper (like $3-$4) but
> obviously I'm living in a past golden age of postage...  :(
> cheers,
> os.