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Re: Loopers Delight T Shirts!

Hello Jason... I just did the PayPal thing, but neglected to fill in size 
and color info. I'd like an X-Large, color maroon. Thanks much for doing 


>>> jfink@cabq.gov 10/03/01 01:49PM >>>

Hi Guys,

   I have finally gotten off the ground with this project.
   The shirt design is courtesy of Rich, who had
   been working with Kim even before I got involved.
   I think everyone will agree that its just about perfect, even
   though there were plenty of other great ideas offered up.

   Kim has not had time to add the T-shirt page to the
   main LD site, but promises it will come soon soon.

   In addition it will always be hosted here:


    Lots of sizes & 3 colors available.
    Profits will directly support this very list.
    Be sure to note the DEADLINE.
   Order NOW while the ordering is good!

   and yes, the smug looking goofball modeling the shirt is indeed me.
   so try to keep those wisecracks to a minimum...

    Any further questions about this project, or ordering can be
directed to
    Put LD T-shirt in the subject line.

Thanks Everyone!