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RE: Anyone have experience with the TASCAM USB-428?

[I redirected this back to the list... /t]

"Tony Jessberger" <tjessberger@aardvarkmedia.com> writes:

>I have been looking for a firewire i/o device for audio and midi for 
>the last year or so as well.  Yamaha announced Mlan a bit back 

I've been salivating about that but the spit has rather dried up in 
the very very very long
wait since they announced it.  They initially said that there were 
going to be mLan cards for
their ProMix 01V mixer and that's one reason I got it (it's SUCH a 
good mixer though, what a

>I do not know of the availability of these products or pricing.

They are vapourware.  I do NOT understand these people, a one-cable 
audio/control system would
be an INSTANT smash!

>Crest Audio built a two rack space device with audio meters about a 
>half a year ago, but I have not heard about it since.  They use to 
>have a picture and specs on the site 
><http://www.crestaudio.com>http://www.crestaudio.com, but it appears 
>as if it has been removed.

Very promising.  Not.  <grin>

>I currently use a layla 20 bit PCI card, but I can only use it on 
>one computer at a time and not a laptop without going through 
>expensive card add-ons, configuration woes, and bulky little boxes.

I have the same trouble with my AudioMedia III card (I can't get it 
to work on this G4!  I can
get the test to make it generate sine waves but I can't get it to 
make sound in SoundManager
even though I've installed their control panel -- where does one ask 
such questions,
digidesign.com didn't have it?)

That's why I just want a single box solution.  And I want to get 
reasonable timing, not these
ridiculous "up-to-30ms" delays that are bandied about.  (I mean, 
30ms, come on!)
So USB is not the answer.

>With a one rack space firewire device, I can hot swap between my 
>mac, pc, and a possible future laptop without it ever leaving my 
>portable rack kit.

Yes!  so, come on, Music Industry -- give it to us!

MOTU, where are you?

>One device for all my computers would be nice, but development is 
>still in its infancy.  If anyone out there knows of any other leads, 
>then let me know.

Sorry Anton

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