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RE: 10 Favorite Improvisers Thread


He's a flautist, with probably the best technique I've ever heard on the
instrument. Very experimental. He uses alot of delays and other effects to
wring otherworldly tones from the instrument.

Three albums that spring to mind are:

Venturi Shadows (O.O. Discs) is amazing. Lots of groundbreaking stuff.  My
friend Igor was so impressed that he lifted it from my collection and moved
across the country. Oh well.

Third Stone From the Sun, New World Records. Hendrix covers by Dick and the
Soldier String Quartet. Note: this is Jazz. I've recommended this to others
and they were disapointed because they expected a rock album. This disc
stays true to Hendrix's inquisitive, experimental nature on his instrument.
I'd go as far to say that Robert Dick is the Hendrix of the 
that means. More listenable than Venturi Shadows.

The other is Steel and Bamboo (can't remember the label)this album features
duets with Steve Gorn on Shakuhachi.

You might also want to check out a trio called New Winds that Dick was
playing in with Ned Rothenberg.

I don't have anything more recent than those discs, but I'm sure he's


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Carl, You mention Robert Dick.  He's a flutist, right?  Can you
recommend any particular recording(s)?


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in Portland, OR.

> Living or dead in no particular order:
> 1. Late-period Coltrane (after Love Supreme, earlier is good too)
> 2. Joe Maneri
> 3. Matt Maneri
> 4. Robert Dick
> 5. Eric Dolphy
> 6. Ravi Shankar
> 7. Miya Masoaka
> 8. Shawn Lane 
> 9. Stewart Dempster
> 10. John Zorn