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Re: 10 Favorite Improvisers Thread

rich wrote:

> from what i know, nordine's 'stories' were just rough ideas and
> sketches in his head.  while he was recording, he was improvising.
> awesome stuff.  and very influential on joe frank, who does cool
> stuff too (if you like it a bit on the darker side).
> joe frank episodes can be heard on www.kcrw.com.
> best,
> rich
> >  > ken nordine
> >
> >the voice guy?
> >word jazz?
> >where have you heard him do improv?
> >i sure would be interested in hearing that...
> >
> >
> >p.s. your "reply to" address is set...

re nordine, this is what i understood, too. my first intro to him (aside
from, was it levi strauss commercials? was a little sketch he did called
"nothing's boy" on an h. p. lovecraft album in the late sixties. just
trivia, folks). speaking of darker, a slightly different shade than joe
frank (whom i also dig) would be local (venice, ca) hero barry yourgrau.
pretty twisted, but dunno if any of it's improv... check "wearing dad's
head" or "a man jumps out of a plane" (peregrine books) for
starters...surreal, ineffable, sweetly disturbing...

ps anyone know how to fix that "reply to" stuff in netscape? (you can
email me privately :-)

lance g.