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Re: 10 Favorite Improvisers Thread

Title: Re: 10 Favorite Improvisers Thread
>addtionally, there three people who i've only heard about being amazing improvisers,
>but whose music has meant a lot to me, that i wish i could have heard improvising:
excellent point.
people tend to forget that in the past, art music performers tended to be good improvisers.  today, kids are not usually taught improv in school...

right. There are still quite a lot of church organ players that can freak out on their instruments!

I should also mention:

Andreas Vollenweider and his friends
Hans Vollenweider (his Father, was the organist of the biggest church in Zuerich)

John Lee + Gary Brown
I have seen them in '82 with two guitarist squeezing the air to the last drop, they could not even believe it themselves, this concert changed my life.
The bass drum did not make it to the end...

Hermeto Pascoal Band
For many years, they play together every day for 6-8 hours together, so they improvise together as one!


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