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Re: stereo delay

> i sold my two jammans to buy a repeater, but at the moment it's not 
> the mustard with respect to ambient loops, because of the "bump" problem 
> the loop boundary - so i was thinking about getting some sort of delay
> device, so i can carry on making my ambient loops. 
> what i need is actually a very simple device - two 12 second delays in
> parallel, but there doesn't seem to be anything out there that will do 
> job in a rack unit - i could get two echoplexes, or try and find another 
> jammans, or use two of the new line 6 echo pros, or use two tc electronic
> d-two's, but they will all cost me masses of wedge!
> can anybody think of a cheaper option, or know where i could get 
> made, that's not going to cost me an arm and a leg - it's only a delay 
> after all!
> cheers,
> sim

Jamie, the other half of dreamSTATE, uses two DOD D12 delay/sampler units
to get a nice 12 second stereo delay. I used one myself (before getting my 
and it's an awkward sampler/looper but a good delay (and quite good for 
in a small, one unit rack and DOD was blowing them out in the last few 
(If your signal-in is low - try using the mic. input.)

Scott M2