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re: improvisers thread

I've heard that Schoenberg said,   "All composition is just very slow
improivsation" or words to that effect.

This was a liberating concept for my work when I first heard it, as I have
been an improviser all of my  life and a composer only in the last few

Great f**cking thread, dudes and dudesses,   yours,   Rick (loop.pool)

P.S.  I've been very lucky to play with many great improvisers:    a few

the incomparable Robert Dick (on flute, bass flute and slide flute)

Gary Regina  (a regional musician who is a wonderful multi reed, multi
instrumentalist,  fearless, which makes a good improviser)

Pipa Pinon (an avanted garde singer............will go ANYWHERE the music 
going and be completely in the moment with it).

Bill Walker (my brother:   just a fount of creativity and a breadth of
styles that is exceedingly rare)

Bob Brozman:   a master slide/national steel player whose played with
musicians from all over the world, succesfully without knowing anything
about there traditions

Debhashish Battycharya:   my vote for the greatest slide guitarist on the
planet (and Bob Brozman, David Lyndley and Martin Simpson's vote as
well............perhaps the deepest musician that I've ever improvised
with.......we were asked to play 45 minutes of pure improv at the local FAT
FRY annual concert and it was
just an astonishing gig for me.

Doug Robinson,  my rhythm section mate with Bob Brozman and Martin
Simpson........perhaps the best
accompanying bassist (acoustic and electric) I've ever either heard or
played with  (lucky me!!!).