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RE: 10 Favorite Improvisers Thread

OK, I know the 10 favorites thing is a little silly. My ten favorites can
change with my blood sugar levels and amount of sleep I got the night
before. It was an arbitrary number.

Here's my reasoning behind it. By putting a limit on the list, I was hoping
to get people to think about their choices. 

My reason for starting the thread was to find some new music to check out.
By puting a number on it, I thought I would get more qualified data that I
could sort through to check out, rather than rambling lists containing
scores of individuals. If I see some people showing up on multiple posts
that I have not heard of, I'm going to be more likely to check them out.

Here's my list for today (note sure these are all improvisors):

Mr Bungle
The Ruins
Naked City
The Roots
DJ Craze
Pharoah Sanders
Alice Coltrane

Not much sleep last night, as you can see from above.

Thanks for all your input,


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a few newyorkiocentric improvisers not yet mentioned
(in no intentional order):

William Parker
Lee Ranaldo
Charles Gayle
Matthew Shipp
Zeena Parkins
Tom Verlaine
Thurston Moore
Sabir Mateen
Sunny Murray
Simon Shaheen
Sonny Sharrock
Daniel Carter ...

the concept of "ten favorites" is really kind of silly