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Re: Peavey PC-1600x in a rack case?

what's the best sports car for looping?
i think it's the bmw z3...
porsche is ok, i guess.  but for the deepest 
looping features i'm sticking with the z3.
i'm sure some of us can afford both, and thick, weird
textures result from combining them.

imho, haircuts are a red herring as far as looping is concerned...

> The only other known photos of me on the net are on these pages about my 
> car, where my hair was faded purple but about matches the car color:
> http://www.kimflint.org/912/
> I guess I'll declare this to be the official Looper's Delight hair cut. 
> That plus the t-shirt gets you a free beer.
> kim