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Re: Stereo A/B-A+B Switch Boxes

Rapco (http://www.rapco.com) makes an A/B stomp box that might suit your
purpose.  I use mine to switch on and off the input from guitar to two Zoom
2100's, as such:

                                ,-----[ Zoom 2100 #1]
Guitar ---[Rapco A/B ]<
                                `----[ Zoom 2100 #2]

Each Zoom has stereo out, and each pair goes to 1+2, and 3+4 accordingly.

A look at their site shows that they also recommend the use of the same box
to selectively combine two signals into one, though I would expect that
there would be a volume ratio situation to consider between your two signal

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Subject: Stereo A/B-A+B Switch Boxes

> Can anyone recommend a TRS switchbox? I'd rather purchase something, but
> might have to resort to building it myself.
> I'm looking to take the L/R output of my VG8EX, as well as the L/R output
> from my rack-o-goodies, and switch between them, or combine them, as they
> enter another rack-o-goodies.
> I can handle this routing via my mixers, but I have a need to switch
> performance-- walking over to the mixer and un-muting/muting the busses
> isn't an option at this point.
> Any suggestions?
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