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Re: edp sounds 'glitchy'

>Hi i got my EDP the other day after years of waiting (i found out 
>about them as soon as they became hard to get)
>On the whole i love it however i have noticed this 'problem'
>If i record an ebow drone at a constant pitch and volume when i hit 
>record again (to start the loop) a glitch' is inserted at this point
>Why is this ?
>one less than none

it seems you load it with almost a sinoidal sound, right?
The less complex the sound is, the more a cross fade appears. If the 
wave at the beginning and at the end of the loop is the same, 
probability wants that its not in phase, so some subtraction/addition 
is impossible to avoid and sticks out of the totally even rest.
If you go on overdubbing (Using Record-Overdub, instead of 
Record-Record), the sound becomes richer and the glitch will 

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