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stereo delay

thanks for the input chaps - just wanted to clear up a couple of things - 
kim has found out, recording an empty loop on the repeater and overdubbing
onto it, does not solve the bump problem (a small drop-out, or glitch on 
first downbeat) - even when recording without any sync (and there's no
padding when in user sync mode) and even when doing lots of overdubs...

i was using the jammans to create morphing loops that change over time, by
setting them up in delay mode (about 10 secs of delay, about 10 repeats) 
swelling in sounds with lots of delay and reverb, just like fripp and torn
do...they're not really "loops" per se and they're not synced to anything,
because they are ambient "tempoless" creations...(the two jammans are in
parallel, cos they are mono devices and one treats the left channel and one
the right channel, so the stereo image is maintained as they are post 

there are plenty of mono delay devices around, but not many of them have a
delay time of 10 seconds and the ones that do are either pedals, or
horrendously expensive rack units which do loads of other stuff as well - i
just need some delay which i will leave set and then just feed them with
some input as required during a performance...

i think it's strange that some products will give you 30 seconds of mono
delay, when 15 seconds of stereo delay would actually be more useful to 

i'll just have to find another pair of jammans somewhere i guess...



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