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improving JamMan audio quality? (WAS - stereo delay)

>i'll just have to find another pair of jammans somewhere i guess...

Well, let's say that a TC 2290 is the best delay unit we could dream, 
but it it "a little" expensive. Besides, it is a mono unit (i own 2 
JamMan units, but 2 expanded 2290 are really far to come), and it 
hasn't the built in possiblity to sync to MIDi clock.

So, let's consider the JamMan (as everyone who loves loops HAS to 
love JamMan i think).
Here the problem is easy to find.
The audio quality is horrible.
If i remember right, there were some postings abuot replacing the 
AD/DA converters of the JamMan, so to increase its frequency response 
and its dynamic range.
Here comes my question.
Is it "easy" to achieve such a result? Is there the possibiliy to 
replace that converters? Is there the possibility to add digital 
(even SPDIF is OK) in and outs?
Is there some material abut this, or does someone has tried anything?

Thanks in advance.