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Re: improving JamMan audio quality? (WAS - stereo delay)

>The Jamman sounds great!  The highs are rolled off a bit but who 
>told you it sounds horrible?

Who told?

1 - the comparison between the original signal and the looped one. 
I'm talking about dynamic range more than high frequencies.

2 - the noise added to the loop as you have to increase the output 
level to balance it with the original one.

3 - the comparison between the D-Two output and the jamMan's one.

4 - the comparison between the 2290 output and the jamMan's one.

Don't know about EDP and Repeater signal quality, but technical infos 
seems that it's better than JM.
Don't worry anyway, i still love my JMs, just wondering if it's improvable.

How much is the EDP retail price anyway?