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Re: improving JamMan audio quality? (WAS - stereo delay)

Well, when I purchased the Repeater, it was like someone turned a light 
on in a dim room.  It is noticeably better than the JamMan.  However, I 
really wouldn't call the JamMan "horrible."


On Wednesday, October 10, 2001, at 06:58 AM, kevin cooney wrote:

> Dear Faisal:
> The Jamman sounds great!  The highs are rolled off a bit but who told 
> you it sounds horrible?
> Best,
> Kevin
> On Wednesday, October 10, 2001, at 05:14 AM, faisal moro wrote:
>>> i'll just have to find another pair of jammans somewhere i guess...
>> Well, let's say that a TC 2290 is the best delay unit we could dream, 
>> but it it "a little" expensive. Besides, it is a mono unit (i own 2 
>> JamMan units, but 2 expanded 2290 are really far to come), and it 
>> hasn't the built in possiblity to sync to MIDi clock.
>> So, let's consider the JamMan (as everyone who loves loops HAS to love 
>> JamMan i think).
>> Here the problem is easy to find.
>> The audio quality is horrible.
>> If i remember right, there were some postings abuot replacing the 
>> AD/DA converters of the JamMan, so to increase its frequency response 
>> and its dynamic range.
>> Here comes my question.
>> Is it "easy" to achieve such a result? Is there the possibiliy to 
>> replace that converters? Is there the possibility to add digital (even 
>> SPDIF is OK) in and outs?
>> Is there some material abut this, or does someone has tried anything?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Doei
>> Faisal