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RE: stereo delay

This may happen, it's just that Gibson do not fund our R&D over here in the
UK. It is solely left to us to make enough money with our current range of
products to fund future projects.
Once the CE model is out there selling in Europe, I will be speaking to the
newly set up Gibson R&D dept over in LA to see if they are interested in
developing an Echoplex 2 with Kim & Matthias's help. At such time, the 
from LD will be invaluable; we could all put together wish lists for the
product and the design could well have contributions from many people. This
would be an exiting project; one based on actual requirements and ideas, 
what the design team think the end user wants. This is a problem among many
companies and often results in products which are good but could have been
Here's to the future!

PS, even though it's taken a lot of time to get the CE version to this
stage, the cost represents only a fraction, (maybe 5%), of what new 
would cost to develop.

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Subject: Re: stereo delay

are you implying gibson has no current sales of anything?
electrix most certainly had no current sales of the repeater 
while they were developing it...

the edp is a "repeater-beater" already in some categories.
i just think that updated hardware is called for.
i imagine this will never happen, since you have just spent a lot 
getting CE-approval of the current hardware

the software is great, btw.
can't wait to try the new stuff...

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From: "Andy Ewen" <andy.ewen@trace-elliot.com>
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Subject: RE: stereo delay

> All manufacturers have this requirement if they want to stay in business
> past one product.
> Maybe you or someone who knows could give me a rough estimate on how much
> they think it would cost to develop a Repeater-Beater?
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> From: jim palmer [mailto:jimp@pobox.com]
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> Subject: Re: stereo delay
> good thing electrix didn't have this requirement...
> > At 07:26 PM 10/9/2001, Eric Williamson wrote:
> > >sharp contrast to the flint/grob/electrix way of things, innit?  i
> be
> > >buying a repeater as soon as i get the money from this Hammond organ
> sale, but
> > >it would be a 'plex if gibson would ever give kim and matthias some
> > >hardware and r&d budget for their product.
> > 
> > R&D budgets in the future require sales in the present.....
> > 
> > thanks for your support,
> > kim
> >