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Re: stereo delay

this is excellent news.
my requests for the edp are simply extension to the existing design...
(i _think_.   go ahead and bite my head off if i'm wrong.  
i am not a manufacturing designer, but i do play one in dream land...)

- don't go againinator
- digital i/o
- balanced analog i/o
- stereo
- expandable memory.
- flash os
- variable sample rates (lo-fi up to high res)

i'll take two!

here's an idea: if gibson is not interested, why not have an open source 
design project?
i think enough people would be interested in the project to make it happen.
and then when the design work was done (an interesting term in open 
source, i know),
gibson could run with it...

> Once the CE model is out there selling in Europe, I will be speaking to 
> newly set up Gibson R&D dept over in LA to see if they are interested in
> developing an Echoplex 2 with Kim & Matthias's help....