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Re: stereo delay

> > > > R&D budgets in the future require sales in the present.....

if this were true, nobody would ever design a new device.
if the current design is selling well, there is no reason to redesign.
if it's not selling well, they would refuse to make a new design.
it's a catch-22...

> so far as I know, Electrix almost went out of business trying to develop 
> the repeater. It obviously cost them far more than they thought it 
> And you could argue they still shipped it prematurely, so the real price 
> even higher. If they want to do Repeater 2 and pay those costs all over 
> again, their only option is selling a lot of Repeaters.
> kim

electrix didn't have a version 1 design to extend, they were building
from scratch, and for a fairly different use than the edp...