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Re: stereo delay

>  > > > > R&D budgets in the future require sales in the present.....
>if this were true, nobody would ever design a new device.

The EDP came to life with some 20k$ of my parents, a tremendous 
effort with a simple life standard of mine, cheap help from Eric, 
free advise from looper friends, some smaller investment of Gibson (I 
have no idea how much, but far from a million) to expand the LOOP 
delay to the EDP and a big free effort of Kim to keep it alive and 
improve/debug the soft. This story cannot be looped.

Unfortunately the unit was often manufactured insufficiently or not 
at all during the years it was fresh and without competiton and no 
savings were made to develop the next version. I would find it fair 
of Gibson to correct this failure by investing into a new HW now. 
Possibly they do so...

>if the current design is selling well, there is no reason to redesign.
>if it's not selling well, they would refuse to make a new design.
>it's a catch-22...



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