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Re: Looper development and production costs?

Matthias wrote:
>would that be acceptable?

Simultaneous playback of several loops?  Of different lengths?  In Stereo? 
 Near the current price?  HUGE tracts of ... RAM?

More than acceptable, that is wonderful!  Heavenly!  I've wanted four EDPs 
forever (two stereo pairs), but it's too much money. :(  I'm ecstatic to 
hear that the software is (largely) portable to new processors and readily 
adaptable for multi-loop simultaneous stereo.  Could it overdub into two 
stereo loops of different length at once?  If so, one EDP could sometimes 
do the jobs of four (or Fripp's four TC2290s)!

A steep discount on pairs of EDPs could prompt me not to wait.  Buy one at 
the dealer's normal price, get the next one (or two or three?) at 50% off 
should do it.  The more i hear about the Repeater, the more i lust for 
multiple EDPs.

my $0.02