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Re: Looper development and production costs?

>Matthias wrote:
>>would that be acceptable?
>Simultaneous playback of several loops?  Of different lengths?  In 
>Stereo?  Near the current price?  HUGE tracts of ... RAM?

yes, all of this.

>More than acceptable, that is wonderful!  Heavenly!  I've wanted 
>four EDPs forever (two stereo pairs), but it's too much money. :( 
>I'm ecstatic to hear that the software is (largely) portable to new 
>processors and readily adaptable for multi-loop simultaneous stereo. 
>Could it overdub into two stereo loops of different length at once? 
>If so, one EDP could sometimes do the jobs of four (or Fripp's four 

its just a matter of the user interface, there will be a way, I think
And sync will be even more crazy... we will have to be able to select 
which of the loops of different length will be the reference for 

>A steep discount on pairs of EDPs could prompt me not to wait.  Buy 
>one at the dealer's normal price, get the next one (or two or 
>three?) at 50% off should do it.  The more i hear about the 
>Repeater, the more i lust for multiple EDPs.


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