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Re: Thunder was RE: MIDIMAN Surface One

>I've had a love/hate relationship with this instrument for years. I 
>spent way too much time writing custom software for which the 
>thunder was the front end, but eventually got tired of its 
>It feels like playing a rock.


>The active area of its pads is much shorter than it looks.
>If you completely release pressure, but are still touching it, it 
>sends a note off.
>As a physical interface, it leaves much to be desired, because the 
>relationship between gesture in and midi out isn't clear enough to 
>make it easy to mentally internalize it so you don't have to think 
>about it.

so its not intuitive... what a pity...

>I keep think I want a pair of four finger controllers that would 
>sense pressure and have a very physical give to them.

When I looked at the picture on the site, the position of the faders 
called my attention. First positively, because they look ergonomic, 
but then I saw that the the one for the ring finger is further up 
than the one for the middle finger, so its not ergonomic... not very 
bad, but it shows some design attitude, no?


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