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Re: stereo delay

>>>if the current design is selling well, there is no reason to redesign.
>>>if it's not selling well, they would refuse to make a new design.
>>>it's a catch-22...
>Well, not really.  If you've noticed, the Honda Civic sells really 
>well, for years and years, yet they still change the design and 
>"upgrade" it.  I'm sure a solid state device like a looper (digital) 
>that really doesn't wear out has a longer life, but I think it's 

I don know a lot about motor construction, but imagine you can 
gradually change geometry of each part, material and such.

For the EDP, specifically, we need a new converter and a new 
processor and new SIMMs and a digital port, so about everything 
changes. To change those parts one by one would have been a mess, for 
the layout and for the different software versions needed.

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