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Re: Big Briar and Alesis (was: RE: MIDIMAN Surface One)

Displeasure certainly sums it up.  The contest rules said that the name
could not contain the words "Mini" or "Moog".  My entry was "Little Big
Briar" thinking that it left the field wide open for a "Big Big Briar".  
I was also disappointed that the BB web site makes a big point about 
the Voyager to "collectors".  No doubt that this new MiniMoog is a great
machine but I would rather see BB marketing aimed at musicians.

-Allan (too poor to add a Voyager to my "collection")

on 10/12/01 9:17 AM, Mark Pulver at mark@midiwall.com wrote:

> rich (08:37 AM 10.12.2001) wrote:
>>> The new Moog (Big Briar) Voyager synth
>> you mean to tell me that Big Briar held a CONTEST to name their new
>> synth, and the best name they came up with was VOYAGER?  I sure hope
>> is outperforms Alesis' Andromeda, cuz the name sure sounds like a
>> crappy 'space-theme' ripoff of that unit.
> :) There was a lot of "displeasure" of the name... I had a peek at what 
> judges were given for names and even got my own comments in on some of
> them. But, in the end, the decision was Bob's and he liked "Voyager".
> There's commentary about the why up on the BB web site:
> http://www.bigbriar.com/news/bytes/071601/contest.html