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Big Briar and Alesis (was: RE: MIDIMAN Surface One)

rich (08:37 AM 10.12.2001) wrote:

 >>The new Moog (Big Briar) Voyager synth
 >you mean to tell me that Big Briar held a CONTEST to name their new
 >synth, and the best name they came up with was VOYAGER?  I sure hope
 >is outperforms Alesis' Andromeda, cuz the name sure sounds like a
 >crappy 'space-theme' ripoff of that unit.

:) There was a lot of "displeasure" of the name... I had a peek at what 
judges were given for names and even got my own comments in on some of 
them. But, in the end, the decision was Bob's and he liked "Voyager". 
There's commentary about the why up on the BB web site:


 >btw, is there a url or any info on the current state of Alesis anywhere?
 >I know they had put a lot of energy into the Andromeda, which i saw at
 >l.a. namm last january.  i've got a qs6 that i'd like to know whether
 >i'll be able to get service or parts for if the need comes up.

Alesis is still coming back around. The production line is getting set 
up now with the intent of firing up and getting Andromeda back into the 

Service and parts wise, I know that all of the parts inventory came to the 
"new" Alesis. I _think_ that the all the service centers are back online, 
know that the new office location _is_ servicing gear. You may find 
out on the network that aren't quite "with it" and claim that Alesis is 
of business and dead. That's been a bit of an issue to overcome.

I'll check with my Alesis contact specifically about status of things like 
your QS6 and drop a line back.

(btw, the Andromeda is quite a nice machine!)