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Alesis product support

Mark Pulver (09:17 AM 10.12.2001) wrote:

 >rich (08:37 AM 10.12.2001) wrote:
 > >i've got a qs6 that i'd like to know whether
 > >i'll be able to get service or parts for if the need comes up.
 >I'll check with my Alesis contact specifically about status of things
 >like your QS6 and drop a line back.

I've talked to my Alesis contact.

The way to get an official line on this is to start with a local service 
center, have them get info from Alesis and then relay it to you.

There are two sides to this sideways/political answer...

"Side A" is that part of the policy setting for supporting older products 
will be done by the service center themselves.

"Side B" is that my contact doesn't want to be quoted in policy situations 
for this area. :)